Monday, June 18, 2012

Your Kids Ain't Cute And Neither Is This Conversation

I assume everyone knows the old saying that the three things you don't talk about in "mixed" company are sex, politics, and religion (though all three together is the secret to the ultimate party explosion, or a terrible corrupt theocracy, EVS). I think we (society?) need to add another category: kids/pets. Now, I'm not talking about small groups of close friends or your Mommy and Me group, I'm talking about parties, dinners, bars, anywhere with a lot of people or people you don't know very well.

I propose that from now on, the polite rule will be that you can state that you have kids/pets and what variety they are, AND THAT'S IT. Parents/pet owners have proven they can't handle the pressure of being both parents/pet owners and members of polite society so we're gonna have to shut it down. First of all, when someone starts prattling about their precious baby, kitty cat, shih tzu, it is fucking boring. Everyone else's brain shuts down and they start playing old video games in their heads, which actually if you're trying to rob the place is a pretty good Phase I, I guess. Start talking about how your precious princess is already sitting up which she shouldn't be able to do for two more months and all the books say she is a fucking genius and you've called MENSA but they don't test infants, which is ageist discrimination and you have written several letters and no one will notice your partners going through the crowd stealing jewelry, wallets, wall art, and whatever they can carry. See, this zlog is full of practical advice. I think I'll start classifying it as "educational/instructional."

Back to the point. Not only is talk of your precious baby/tabby/pomerdoodle boring, but inevitably it turns gross. I don't know what happens to people when they have a kid, but the part of their brain that judges which topics are appropriate and which are completely fucking disgusting apparently just disintegrates. People who have pets because they want kids but are sterile/hopelessly alone seem to be missing this part of their brain too. Maybe the mental illness that makes having kids seem like a good idea comes with irreparable damage to the grossness identification lobe of your brain (totally scientific name for real body part). I sat in horror a few months ago as a woman described in vivid detail the different types of poop her dog shits depending on what it has eaten that day. Why? Why did I need to know this? And parents are even worse, they think stories like "I was laying with Sir Poopsalot (perfect name for a kid, if someone named their kid this I might actually respect someone with kids) on my chest and then he just blew orange shit spray all over my chest. HAHAHAHA isn't that just precious HAHAHAHA!" are FUNNY! They are not funny. They are not even unfunny. They are disgusting and unnecessary. Do you believe if everyone laughs at your terrible, shit-filled life then it's really not so bad? Well no one is laughing, and it is that bad. Actually, it's worse but the sleep deprivation might make you crazy enough to want to carry on.

The only recourse to being stuck in a room with these people is copious drinking or drug use to try to forget everything they say and that you actually know anyone so oblivious. Which is why I recommend we make the list of things you don't talk about in mixed company kids/pets (it should really be first), sex, politics, and religion. Actually, kids/pets should replace sex. How do you know who is DTF if you can't ask what sort of freaky shit strangers are into?

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